3 Act Math Tasks

3 Act Math Lessons/Tasks

In 3 Act Tasks, students are shown an image or video that depicts an interesting situation. Examples of elementary tasks might include an image of two sisters standing side-by-side, one taller than the other, or a video of candy being poured into a jar. A good task will suggest some mathematical features or relationships that children may wonder about. After viewing the image or video, students are engaged in asking mathematical questions, identifying important information that is needed to answer those questions, constructing mathematical models of the situation, and comparing their models to the real world.

In the document below, tasks are sorted according to strand, topic, and division. The task is linked directly, and the framing question to be explored is also identified.

Gr. 1-8 Tasks Sorted by Division and Strand

3 Act Math K-8

Gr. 7-10 Tasks Sorted by Division and Strand (with a MFM1P Focus)

3 Act Math 6-10