Math At Home

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Ontario’s publicly funded schools are focusing on the fundamentals of math. This is an overview of what Ontario students in Grades 1-8 are learning in math, and how you can support your children’s math learning at home.

A helpful guide for parents to help their children embrace mathematical learning in the home and community.

From the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association 2016

Working in Number Sense (WINS) activities are designed for you to engage with your child using the mathies learning tools and games to deepen understanding and build fluency of mathematical concepts. You may wish to use mathies Learning Tools Tip Sheets for reference on how to use the tools.

Home connections are printable Grade 1 to 6 mathematics activities to connect the learning in the classroom to experiences at home.

SCCDSB received a CODE grant to fund a family math evening. This event was held on October 27th, 2016 with families from 6 of our St Clair Catholic Elementary Schools. For more information on how the evening unfolded, please click here or check out the documents below. This event was extremely successful for our families. Thank you to everyone who helped support this evening for our families!

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What’s on EQAO’s Provincial Assessments? Take a look at examples from the following EQAO assessments.

Grade 3 | Grade 6 | Grade 9

Teens have many experiences that may impact their attitude and confidence in their mathematical ability. You can help your teen celebrate each success and deal with any challenges. You do not have to do the mathematics your teen brings home. What matters most is your attitude about the work they are doing. Attitudes about mathematics and confidence in abilitites in mathematics can have a great influence on success at school.

This resource is intended to help you support your teen with learning mathematics in grades 7 to 12. It is guided by the belief that all students can be successful in mathematics and all parents can be successful in supporting their teens in learning mathematics.