SCCDSB Scope & Sequence

Grades 1-9

SCCDSB Scope & Sequence Purpose:

  • To offer a long range plan for mathematics learning including the “Big Ideas” for each strand and highlighting number sense concepts within strands
  • To provide an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues within and between schools
  • To provide an at a glance guide of the development of mathematics learning across grades
  • To facilitate the sharing of resources and learning tools among grades / divisions

Concepts at a Glance

Divisional Scope & Sequence Term 1

Divisional Scope & Sequence Term 2

SK/1 Scope and Sequence Resources

The K-2 Scope and Sequence is intended to be used as a guide for educators planning for Kindergarten and Grade 1 combined classrooms, to assist in choosing provocations and opportunities that will aid in “mathematizing” the learning environment – which Clements and Sarama (2013) indicate can create a wide variety of opportunities for children to learn about mathematics. In addition to mathematizing the environment it is very "important to be attuned to children’s mathematical thinking – that is, to regard young children as being capable of potentially complex thinking. Keeping in mind the question 'Why have we chosen this learning for this child at this time in this context?' to help educators in providing differentiated ways of supporting children’s learning. Throughout the day, the educators can create an effective environment to support young children’s learning of mathematics by providing mathematics experiences that focus on particular mathematical concepts and by identifying and embedding significant mathematics learning experiences in play, daily routines, and classroom experiences. "(Kindergarten Curriculum, 2016 - Page 80, Page 84). Intentional, purposeful teacher interactions are necessary to ensure that mathematical learning is maximized during play (Baroody, Lai, & Mix, 2006; deVries, Thomas, & Warren, 2007; Balfanz, 1999; Ginsburg, Lee, & Boyd, 2008).

Lesson Overviews with Learning Focus and Hyperlinks to Resources