What Works?

Research Into Practice

The research summaries in this collection highlight promising teaching practice at the classroom level. Produced by a partnership between the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat and the Ontario Association of Deans of Education, the articles are written by scholars at Ontario universities who are experts in the field of education.

Student Interaction in the Math Classroom:

Stealing Ideas or Building Understanding

Learning Mathematics vs. Following "Rules":

The Value of Student-Generaged Algorithms

The Mathematical Territory Between Direct Modelling and Proficency, pg. 1.

Making Space for Student to Think Mathematically

Making Math Children Will Love:

Building Positive Mathitudes to Improve Stuent Achievement in Mathematics

Exploring the Power of Growing Patterns

Problem-Based Learning in Mathematics

Word Problems:

Connecting Language to Mathematics and Life

Technology in the Mathematics Classroom

Trigonometry in Grade 3?

ESL in the Mathematics Classroom