EQAO is an independent agency that creates and administers large-scale assessments to measure Ontario students’ achievement in reading, writing and math at key stages of their education. All EQAO assessments are developed by Ontario educators to align with The Ontario Curriculum. The assessments evaluate student achievement objectively and in relation to a common provincial standard.

EQAO provides results to each student who writes an assessment. Its personalized reports help support individual student learning. The agency provides schools and school boards with detailed reports about their students’ achievement, as well as contextual, attitudinal and behavioural information from questionnaires, in an interactive online reporting tool. These data are used to improve school programming and classroom instruction. EQAO also reports theresults of the provincial assessments publicly. This helps keep the public education system accountable to taxpayers.

Mathematics Resource: Released Assessment Questions by Strand, 2012–2016

These booklets contain multiple-choice and open-response questions from the primary-division assessment. The booklets are sorted by strand and include the category of knowledge and skills and overall expectation each question is mapped to, as well as sample student responses for the open-response questions.

The following Google Folders contain released questions/booklets and scoring guides from the 2011/2012 - 2015/2016 testing years. Click on the academic or applied folder to view the questions/booklets. For more resources, please visit the EQAO website.

EQAO Scoring: Generic Rubrics

"EQAO assessments are scored using rubrics. The rubrics for the primary and junior division assessments give the criteria for scoring and describe the type of student response that receives each of the codes. The following are the generic rubrics from which the item-specific rubrics (see Scoring Guides) are developed for each open-response item on the assessment"

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