Voices from the Field

  • “I used to post my learning goals at the beginning of the lesson every time and tell the students what the goal of the lesson was but now I am rethinking when I post them and state them to students. I think by talking about the learning goal immediately some of the students are going into the task with some understanding already. By reviewing it during the summary of learning, the students are able to discover more about it” - Classroom teacher

  • “I used to do just do the lesson (give them some random task) and work with the ones who didn’t understand at the back table and then just move on to the next one (next lesson). The summary of learning and class task really matter to me now. I don’t just work with the same group anymore (used to always be the same kids - my ‘lowest kids’). I’m more responsive now because it's not the same kids at the table when you’re this responsive.” - Classroom teacher

  • “I used to co-create success criteria but really with no connections but now I am learning about the summary of learning and learning how that is the statement of learning. From there we can co-create a success criteria. When I do the summary of learning, it really shows me who knows what. My goal moving forward is to continue learning about summary of learning and creating them effectively and properly” - Classroom teacher

  • “In our summary of learning my students are ‘indirectly’ showing me how/why to construct my learning goal” - Classroom teacher

  • “I’ve also rethought my small groups. It can’t always be the same math group in a responsive classroom. It’s getting to all students that are showing or communicating that they don’t have the understanding...yet” - Classroom teacher

  • “I’m seeing an increase in confidence because of my change in thinking about responsiveness. Reduction in tears which is a great thing for my kids! Also, by focusing on the big ideas, it’s easier to reach the split grades and the modified students” - Classroom teacher

  • “Kids are so much more engaged; I’ve noticed as a PRT, they are just game on when it comes to math time.” - PRT

  • “By hearing the teacher's use turn and talk and think time, I have noticed that the kids are talking so much more about their math” - PRT

  • “It was noticed that kids are able to speak to the summary of learning so much better now. At the doc cam, at the carpet, the documentation summaries students are able to speak to.” - Principal