Math Rep Days 2016-2017

First Math Rep Day:

Sept. 21st, 2016

System Level Math Team Members, School Principals, and School Level Math Reps met together to begin building the SCCDSB Math Community.

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Math Rep Day1 Sept 21st (Participant Copy)

Second Math Rep Day:

November 18th & 29th, 2016

Our second math learning day as a whole group occurred on two days in November where members met geographically at the Catholic Education Center in Wallaceburg. The System Level Math Team, principals, PRT's, and math reps met in a safe and inclusive environment to collaboratively engage in discussions and learning around the instructional dimension of our responsive classrooms, focusing on the three part model, and more specifically, dove deeper into the 'after' portion of the 60 minute math block or consolidation.

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2nd Math Rep Day - Website Copy

Third Math Rep Day:

January 16th & 20th, 2017

Our third math rep day occurred on two different days where our math reps came together geographically. Once again, the System Level Math Team, principals, PRTs, and math reps came together in our safe, inclusive math community to continue our learning together about leveraging EQAO data, worthwhile task design, and assessment for learning in mathematics.

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3rd Math Rep Day - January 2017 (Participant's Copy)

'Fourth' Math Learning Day:

April 12th, 2017

Educators from our increased support schools gathered together at St. Elizabeth School in Wallaceburg to further our learning in mathematics as an inclusive, dynamic, and safe math learning community. Educators explored the content of fractions, decimals, and percents, participating in a 60 minute math block, similar to how our students experience math. From there, educators discussed and explored how our daily lessons connect to the bigger picture of our planning and were able to share in their experiences of what consolidation, summary of learning, and practice looks like in our classrooms. Educators also explored the mathematical processes, reflected on their work with the RMS thus far, and had time to work divisionally and collaboratively to decide next steps moving froward for the remainder of the year and in preparation for EQAO.

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RMS April 2017 (Participants Copy)