2016-2017 RMS Work

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Documenting Student Learning Template: Monitoring the Learning - For Educators

Documenting Student Learning Template: Monitoring the Learning - For Administrators

Monthly Math!

The system level math team has decided to begin a journey in deepening their own content knowledge in mathematics. Partnering with a high school math teacher within the board, once a month, the team meets and "does the math". Always beginning with grade 9 applied or academic EQAO questions, the team dives into understanding the math curriculum by completing a series of math questions, reviewing the curriculum expectations, and discussing the continua and connections across the grades for each concept explored. With a passion to learn driving the meetings and rooted in the desire to push our thinking forward, the team has deepened their understanding of the math curriculum and will continue to dive deeper into the math in this collaborative inquiry as the year progresses.

SCCDSB received a CODE grant to fund a family math evening. This event was held on October 27th, 2016 with families from 6 of our St Clair Catholic Elementary Schools. For more information on how the evening unfolded, please click here or check out the documents below. This event was extremely successful for our families. Thank you to everyone who helped support this evening for our families!