Framework for Effective Instruction in Mathematics

Our Approach to Teaching and Learning in Mathematics

Why is mathematics important?

Mathematics is a critical subject that develops the reasoning, problem-solving, and numeracy skills required in personal and professional life. The goal is to provide students with long-term success: "To learn mathematics in a way that will sreve them well throughout their lives, students need classroom experiences that help them develop mathematical understanding; learn important facts, skills, and procedures; develop the ability to apply the processes of mathematics; and acquire a positive attitude towards mathematics." (The Ontario Mathematics Curriculum 1-8, pg. 3)

What is the objective of the framework?

Over the last few years, the St. Clair Catholic District School Board has investigated many more individual components of effective teaching and learning in mathematics. We are increasingly more knowledgable of the research, pedagogy, and content necessary for students to become successful in mathematics. We now have an opportunity to step back and consider how the components of these effective practices work together. Another aim of this framework is to develop consistency in our classrooms across our system.

This is a compled undertaking: "There continues to be a gap between theory and practice. How can current research about teaching and learning mathematics be brought to life in the classroom? (The Guide to Effective Instruction in Mathematics, Volume One, v) This framework clarifies and organizes the components of effective mathematics teaching and learning into a comprehensive structure.

How should the framwork be used?

Because the framework outlines and organizes the components of effective teaching and learning in mathematics, it is an excellent reference for planning, implementation, assessment, and evaluation in our mathematics programs. It also encourages us to embrace the complexity of teaching and learning in mathematics, and also accept the responsibility of developing a deep understanding of mathematics in our students and ourselves.